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My name is Eric Guynn CEO of Generational Health Group and I help busy professionals rise into their full potential to become the pioneer of heath and set the example for their family and friends to lead a lifestyle of wellness through quality wellness management.

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I created Generational Health Group initially as a corporate wellness company, offering programs to local businesses to support busy professionals in the workplace. However, recognizing the growing need for individual wellness solutions, I decided to expanded its offerings to individuals who aspire to build a legacy of health and wellness for themselves and their families. With a focus on empowering individuals to prioritize their well-being, the Better You programs aims to provide practical tools and resources to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle and create a positive impact across generations.


As an experienced massage therapist and personal trainer, Eric's knowledge and skills make him an essential part of the allied healthcare continuum. With his almost decade of experience, he has developed a deep understanding of the body's soft tissues, fitness training, and the importance of a holistic approach to patient care.

Eric's dedication to helping people achieve optimal health and wellness has led him to develop an online training program. Through this program, he can help individuals achieve their fitness goals from the comfort of their own homes. Eric's expertise in fitness training enables him to design personalized exercise plans for clients, taking into account their unique needs and fitness levels. His online training program also includes instructional videos and online coaching, allowing clients to receive guidance and support from him throughout their fitness journey.

With Eric's knowledge and expertise, his online training program provides a unique and effective way for clients to achieve their fitness goals. His hands-on experience as a massage therapist allows him to consider the impact of exercise on the body's soft tissues, ensuring that his clients receive safe and effective workouts that do not cause unnecessary strain or injury. Moreover, his online training program allows him to reach a wider audience, enabling him to help more people achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall health and wellness.

By combining his knowledge of massage therapy and personal training, Eric provides a holistic approach to patient care, both in-person and online. He is an important member of the allied healthcare continuum, working alongside other healthcare professionals to improve the health and well-being of his clients. With his dedication, knowledge, and expertise, Eric makes a significant contribution to the healthcare industry, helping people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.


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I infuse wellness into the lifestyle of busy professionals as an investment worth the sacrifice of applying efficient and effective self-care measures to create generational health and enhance the chance for a future of true wealth and independence.



I add value by giving the busy professional the support they need to have the mental and physical fortitude to withstand the high demands placed upon them to perform with quality. My strategy will have a positive effect on your well being and overall performance.



I believe in consistency and not perfection. I believe in building from the foundation. I believe in variety and adding fun, I believe in nurturing weaknesses, and applying balance to overuse, I believe in the inner athlete, I believe movement is key to health


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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